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Friday, March 5, 2010

Salmonella Alert: Hydrolized Vegetable Protein, aka HVP, MSG, Monosodium Glutamate, Neurotoxin, or Poison

First, note that hydrolized vegetable protein (aka, "HVP") is simply a new name for the new form of the infamous monosodium glutamate, (aka, MSG). Note that the reason that MSG was removed from foods is that it was finally admitted to be a neurotoxic, endocrine disrupting, excitotoxin, which is a nice obfuscating way of saying "poison", albeit a slow poison, which is responsible for a number of maladies that conveniently require "sick care" treatment. HVP, like MSG, is concocted by "boiling down" soy, corn, or wheat (which already are contaminated with plenty of of their own impurities such as herbicides and insecticides) using of all things hydrochloric acid, and then "neutralizing" the resulting chemical effluvient, which of course then also contains "trace amounts" of good ole hydrochloric acid, with good ole sodium hydroxide. This "breaks down" the resultilng so-called protein crud into a dark colored liquid, now also containing trace amounts of the sodium hydroxide of course, that is in reality is just a mutation of the toxic "sodium salt" known originally as monosodium glutamate, MSG. Don't you just love the way that our good ole bribed FDA is duplicitous in allowing this kind of known hidden switch of toxic food ingredients to a different name...

Anyway, we digress, as it is hard not to do on this topic. The original point is that we have some much too busy friends that were unaware of the HVP "product" recall whom are known to ingest some "convenient" snack foods (along with a little beer and wine...) in their busy hurry to get through life as fast as they possibly can. Considering that, since the evil "powers that be" do everything that they can to keep everyone much too busy, we thought that we would note the recall here in the hope that someone might notice this and pass the word along to their busy friends.

This HVP swill is disguised as a hidden "flavor enhancer" that is clandestinely dumped into many processed foods such as soups, dips, and hot dogs. To this we say, those kinds of "snack" foods are filled with many processed poisonous carcinogenic substances, such as HVP, all of which will solve the problem of life being to busy, decades before you get a chance to slow down and enjoy life in later years, unless the satanic "powers that be" someday manage to do away with "retirement" and keep us all busy throughout our entire lives.

Here is a link to a searchable database of products that are on the HVP recall list, although we simply suggest strict avoidance of "snack products"; think of them as "snatch products", things that will "snatch" your life away much too soon. And for those youngsters out there that have been conditioned to think that getting old and taking life easy is not something high on your list of desirable things to do, take it from someone that participated heavily in the era of "free love" which provided the benefits of "sex, drugs, and rock and roll": it only gets better with age, and better and better, without all of those hangovers and drug withdrawals and VD clinic visits that were a "side effect" of being younger. A side note on that last suggestion: avoid pharmaceuticals, because they are just drugs that mask, screen, and hide the real joys of life, while turning people into slobbering, joyless, muddle-headed, grouchy, mean, immoral, hypocritical, demented, lifeless, soul-less, devil-worshiping, lying, unconscionable "I got mine" assholes (a.k.a. politicians), which is precisely what the drugs were designed and intended to do in order to benefit the drug manufacturers...

Opinion. If the world was right, if our government did the right thing, their should be a recall on snack products just because they are poisonous "as is", not because they might happen to be contaminated with salmonella. Isn't contamination with an endocrine disrupting neurotoxin reason enough to keep it out of the reach of the mindless brainwashed masses. Well, yes it is, but this little planet is overpopulated anyway, intentionally, and we have to drive the lemmings over the cliff into the sick care abyss to stimulate the economy for the rich...

Footnote. For food additives, a mountain of obfuscating disinformation exists pro and con, true and false. No exception with MSG/HVP, which is also associated with the amino acid glutamate in various forms in various foods and supplements. of course the FDA not only does nothing to regulate the product, but it actually confuses the issue and looks the other way, looking right toward those that bribe them with their hand out. Anyway, there are many variables and exceptions surrounding all of these substances, but the one constant we stress is that if it is a "food additive" that it is not good for you and yours. Bottom line, be wary, there is an abundance of highly confusing and even erroneous information out there on these topics.

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