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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Retired, Goin Crazy? A Solution?

Recently retireded? Your "significant other" recently retired? Both of you? Oh, you had some fun for a while, taking life easy, sleeping in, being lazy, relaxing, while also doing all those things you never had time to do before, whenever you damn well feel like it.

But now you (or your sig-oth, or both of you) are getting bored with it all. Emails and Facebook are getting to be the same-ole same-ole. Reading books doesn't do much for you all anymore. Watching TV turns out to be watching commercials, with some two hour B-movie sprinkled in that is now 4 hours long, and you have seen the move twenty times already. Going visiting or shopping requires cleaning up, dressing up, and then actually gettin out and going somewhere. And on and on. You do this one day, you do that the next day, but it all falls into the same old routine, and you and/or the sig-oth still have a waaay toooo muuuch time with nothing much to do of interest. Beside that, your sig-oth is starting to go stir-crazy, pestering you, driving YOU crazy (or crazier...or vice versa?).

So. Consider that the world we live in, and especially the one our descendants are going to have to survive in, has become a deadly treacherous place to try to exist in, and is becoming increasingly worse, and will continue to do so unless something is done to halt this mad race of the herd of lemmings to jump over the cliff of destruction.

Now. Consider that YOU or your sig-other, or both of you together can become activists (again?) and join in with others to stop the certifiably insane corruption and decline of the planet we live on.

Consider also that getting involved in addressing the ills of this planet, or some of them, would be satisfying and rewarding. Your children and grandchildren would look up to you as doing good, being "cool" in their eyes. And, getting into this type of endeavor not only makes you an informed and knowledgeable person able to help others, but if you are getting up there in years, the mental efforts involved will make you sharper and keep you sharp...

Not sure how to get started? Don't know anyone that does, or does not have the time to help you out? We have a page on our main WisBits website that provides some basic entry information on how to get started, and of course we are available to help if you have additional questions, as are a huge number of good folks out there on forums and in help groups. Here is a link to the getting started page on our main WisBits website, "How to Establish a FREE Website/Blog Like Ours".

One caution. You all may get so involved in your "activism", that you may well find yourselves "working" sixteen hours a day, neglecting to do simple things like shave and shower, and even necessary things like eat, exercise, and sleep.

Lastly, one serious precaution. If you get right in there where all the dirty dealings begin to transition from a distant hazy mirage, into a ravenous hoard of snarling, ugly, slobbering mad dogs, when you see just how corrupt the world has become, it may well sicken, frighten, sadden, disgust, and enrage you beyond your prior comprehension of your ability to do so. This type of endeavor is definitely NOT for the meek, nor for anyone that might have anger or blood pressure problems. Seriously. If you are not up to looking into the stinking cesspool of corruption, but might still like to try to do some good, then you can still blog about good things, just stay away from the reality of just how horrifically screwed up the "leadership" of this sick planet has become; not that it was ever really great...

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