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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sign an anti-chemical-pollutant petition...

Link to sign an anti-chemical-pollutant petition.

Note that if you sign the petition, when you hit the button to submit the petition, a subsequent page soliciting donations will appear, but you can just ignore that if you want, unless you are Bill Gates and can afford to give away TEN BILLION dollars to aid and abet having even more chemical TOXINS and carcinogens injected INTO children -- so, if you do have some extra money, for a GOOD cause you might consider a donation to these good folks that are attempting to keep chemical toxins OUT of children, to our kids healthier and avoid weakening the populace of this country and the planet, unlike Big Billy who must have invested a few billion dollars in drug companies and mainstream med stocks...

Note that in the sidebar on the right side of this page in the "How To Do Something" section there are some links to online petitions sites, where you can not only start your own petition, locally, nationally, or even globally, but you can also browse existing petitions and sign them. The ones listed in the sidebar are supposed to be, or were when we added them, viable sites that are not just "e-mail address farms". We also must note that the effectiveness of petitions is said by some to be minimal, unless billions of dollars are attached to them of course, but we have determined that they do in many situations have at least some effect... Any opinions on that?

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