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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Belated Friday Update

On the DumBits blog: The HELLth Care Bull -- What Most of Us Don't seem to Know... Our humble, but accurate opinion on the health care bill and it's lack of any "reform", except for reforming (aka, depleting) the bank accounts of the middle class and the poor by giving over their meager supply of money to the greedy unconscionable insurance companies and still won't be able to seek medical mistreatment (which might actually be a good thing) because of ridiculously high insurance deductibles which are intended as a roadblock to keep the insured from actually using the insurance, so more profits for the insurance quackheads.

Note. On one front we are putting out some wildfires on another blog, going about some butt-hole vaxxer sites posting caustic comments, and also doing some scattered work on the main WisBits website which do not yet amount to enough to report here, so while it may appear that we are slacking off, we actually put in an 18 hour day on Friday (yesterday). Further, it appears that the main website work will continue through the weekend, and along with finally getting some great (warm, sunny, mild) weather here for the weekend, we have to get out and enjoy it, time for a little exercise and "R & R", also soaking up some sun on the beach, checking out the bikinis, sipping on some maggyritas, and we also have a birthday in the family today, so, did we mention sipping on maggyritas... Life is tough here, but we try to enjoy it when the weather is right, y'all do the same...

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