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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Todays Updates

On the FluBits blog: Mosquitoes Spreading Vaccines. Yes, scientists have managed to screw up mosquitoes such that you don't have to have a needle stuck in your arm for a vaccination, just go stand out in the swamp every once in a while. This may sound humorous, but unfortunately we did not make this up, it is depressingly real. So sell your stock in that mosquito fogging business and insect repellents, as they will soon ban the practice of spraying insecticide in the air so that everyone can get properly mosquitinated, and they admit in some cases over vaccinated or vaccinated for entirely the wrong things -- but hey, that happens anyway already...

On the FluBits blog: Vaccine Didn't Slow Down H1N1. Another "no joke", experts slipped up and admitted that the H1N1 vaccine was NOT effective against -- guess what -- the H1N1 virus... So, all of you that were injected with the toxic sludge, well, now you got some extra toxic sludge in your body. Maybe we should sell t-shirts that say something like "I survived the H1N1 vaccine -- well, so far anyway".

On the FluBits blog: Aluminated, a.k.a. Toxiticized or Poisonuted. This is a "must read" for a rainy day. Absolute proof that they are out to get you, and me, and everybody else, except them of course -- they wouldn't be stupid enough to be injected with a toxic death-inducing sludge. Seriously folks, this is not a rant, it is proof that we all need to become activists to have the toxins removed from vaccines -- "just the antigen please"...

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