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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Todays "Meegur" Updates

On the DumBits blog: 1% of Greedy Americans have managed to steal 95% of the American "Wealth". Thanks to the recent "redistribution" of wealth BY the filthy rich banks and filthy rich Wally-World Street, robbing from the lower and middle classes and passing it up the rope to the FILTHIEST rich aholes, the title of this DumBits post appears to be accurate, tho controversial...

In the "for whatever it's worth" category, note that directly below this post is a new post which attempts to override all of the daily typically rancid smelly elephant poop with a little diversionary humor...

Note. We are still embroiled in researching the complexities of some controversies while also performing some badly needed refinements on the main WisBits website, so our activity on the blogs is still at a minimal level. Plus it's time for a few glasses of Guinness along with a few shots of Jameson, so we are out of here. In light of the prior statement, don't expect much out of us tomorrow, except for maybe a few hangover-induced rants about the brilliant conversations that we will experience tonight... ;)

PS: we know how to spell "meager" (in the title, "meegur") and will take this minute to point out that we often come up with sillyistic extrapolatications of spellingdortions of wordies in an attemptification to showboatiate our cleverjestic mindpooperings. In fact, a little later tonight, we will no doubt all be talking just like that -- nonsensicalpedocious...

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