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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Todays Updates

On the AutBits blog: Scientific Link To Autism Identified. This will make you laugh, and moan. It is so stupid it is funny. It is so sad that it hurts. Yet another study has surfaced that makes a factually credible scientific link between vaccines and autism. They even point directly to the exact precise offending toxic substance in the vaccines that triggers the "perfect storm". And what is that substance. A poisonous food additive. What in the hell is ANY food additive doing in a vaccine, and why is it still in there? This food additive is toxic enough in foods, but they put it in a toxic sludge cocktail with other poisons, call it a vaccine, and inject it directly into your child's body with a needle??? And they knew months ago that it causes autism and it is still in vaccines??? In the H1N1 vaccine! But it is highly likely that you have not heard about this before, because the vaccine industry pays off politicians, the health agencies, and the media to keep it quiet. Read the post and then do something about it -- the criminals should be strung up from the nearest tree...

On the DumBits blog: Pay Doctors to Not Kill Us???. Mainly a rant, but it points out a ludicrous scenario that all of us should at least let them know that we know...

On the FluBits blog: New Link: Vaccination Risk Awareness Network. How bout that, a link to a link. Sorry, we are late for a "staff meeting" at the tiki bar...

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