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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Todays Updates

On the DumBits blog: Fishy News on POISON Fish Oil SUPPLEMENTS. News has it that out of the hundreds of reliable manufacturers of fish oil, that a few cheapo drug store retailers of fish oil supposedly contaminated with PCB's are being sued by a phony setup and then big pharma financed hired ghostwriter shills cherry-pick details and concoct delusional misleading stories screaming bloody murder that all fish oil is poisoned. Realize that omega-3 deficiencies are rampant in the populace and are said to inflict countless diseases that send them into the dark abyss of the mainstream sick care industry, which of course includes big pharma drugs (so, scaring people away from fish oil increases their sleazy profits). It is not just a rant, we actually provide some reliable info for your safety.

On the DumBits blog: Demand Repayment and Jail Time for Medicare Frauders. Enough said, raise some hell, just do it...

On the DumBits blog: One Billion of OUR "Stimulus" Money Goes to China???. You have to read it to believe it, but even then...we did NOT make this up...

Also, directly below on this blog following this update, is a report on the subject of Asthma and Allergies, which is also in the news. Very important information.

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