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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Recent Updates

On the FluBits blog: Eugenic Vaccines and Billy Bob Gates. Some common sense reasoning about the faux paux the Wild Bill Gates let slip in a recent speech regarding the use of vaccines in the interest of global warming, oh, and eugenics (depopulation). If you have read about mental SBD stinker by Willy Boy elsewhere, you likely read an anti-vaxxer piece, whereas we take a slightly different, and actually more penetrating analysis of the under-lying considerations, something to consider and remember.

On the DumBits blog: Uneducated but Indoctrinated - The Dumbing Down of the American Herd of Sheep. We address a much-too-long-ignored but future WisBits subject with a link to another site that provides a realistic interim look at the dumb brainwashing American educational system.

In the "for whatever it's freakin worth" category, note that directly below this post is a new post regarding the TSCA Chemical Substance Inventory, newly released by our good old tell-no-lies-just-dont-tell-everything EPA. If you don't go there, we don't blame you at all, but we would like to take a shot at them by noting the site allows you to access the non-confidential "stuff". So, that means they have "confidential" data about chemicals that they are not letting the general public see, which is something that we have pointed out. Given that, do the words "secret" or "suppression" come to mind? And does it make you wonder just what it is that our EPA, our government is hiding from us about chemicals? Does that make you want to ask questions of our wonderful government? If "yes" to the latter, see the "How to Do Something" links in the right sidebar on this webpage.

Note. The recent effort of putting out some wildfires on other websites, combined with a little birthday weekend celebration, along with some finally too nice to stay inside weather, all spilled over into mundane Monday before we knew what was happening, and here it is Toozday. We apologize about the lapse, but we profess that it was not a total slack off, as we did take some short stabs at refining and enhancing some minor aspects of the main WisBits website as occasional sobriety and short clips of time allowed. Of note, we did add a new page to WisBits entitled "Real World Quotations", consolidating all the quotes from the site as well as adding a few new ones. If you would like to check it out, click on this link to go directly there.

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